The Manual – Philosophy

21st Century Musician ideals, wisdom gained through life experience, and other potentially useful concepts.

We are all Musicians. At the moment of birth we begin with a cry to Heaven.
It’s not the equipment that makes the Musician. Learn to make use of what you have and utilize those things to their maximum potential. If you still fall short, learn to build something with your own hands.
Read the Instrument manuals.
Explore new and unusual ways to use the Instruments you have. Hook them up in unexpected ways. Discover how to create a mistake.
If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist. If it isn’t repeatable, it isn’t teachable.
You will not succeed without the council of others. Nobody is that talented.
Discover your Instrument’s limits. Turn weakness into strengths, and above all, appreciate uniqueness.
Keep your Instrument in tune. An Instrument that isn’t playable is nearly useless. Keep it clean, keep it protected, and appreciate what you have.
Celebrate the small successes as well as the small failures. They are two necessary parts of the same endeavor.
Make a record of your travels. Share your adventures with others. Then invite them to join you.
Respect yourself as a Musician through the perfection of your skills.
Come to realize and embrace the idea that you aren't as talented as you'd like to be. This is how you'll know where to begin improvement.
The thing about experts, is that they’ve become so for a reason. Typically, that reason is because they love what they do. When you love what you do, you tend to do it allot. Practice makes perfect, and if you love what you’re doing, you’re probably going to get pretty good at it.
Praise your critics. It shows everyone that you have class, and being polite is rarely a bad thing. Besides, sometimes the critics may have a good point and you might not see it yet.
Don’t be afraid to be judged. In fact, strive to know yourself so well that you encourage being judged. It’s good to hear what other people think about you.
An out tune Instrument at least makes a rude noise. Hiding your Instrument away in its case is just a sorrow. Instruments are meant to be played. It’s why the Instrument exists.
If you aren’t learning you’re stagnating, or even worse, forgetting. If you aren’t expanding you’re becoming more still.
Gain the majority of your personal education through exploration without hindering yourself with lesson plans or locking yourself into a strict regimen. Learn by doing.
Take two bold steps forward. Spend three long moments to look around and get your bearings. Appreciate the unexpected. Repeat. Soon, you’ll be making two bold jumps, and then two bold leaps. If you’re lucky, you might convince someone to start leaping with you.
Take some time to rest. Sure your quest is exciting, but what’s the point in the travel if you aren’t appreciating it.
If you find yourself getting frustrated or fighting against your gear, just walk away for a while. Nobody wants to work with you under those conditions. You don’t even want to work with you.
Trust the experts around you. That respect will be returned when it’s needed. That’s how legendary partnerships are made.
Endeavor to become an expert in your own right and lend your talents to others freely when they need assistance.
Don't stop at learning how to play your Instrument, also learn how to perform.

21st Century Musician Concepts
Experimental space
Compact organization
Scalable architecture
Extendable infrastructure
Guest Musicians
Maximum use of assets
Mixing as you go
Every time you play as a performance
Quick composition
Rapid prototyping
Philosophical approach
Sharing and teaching opportunities

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