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Music TheoryMusic Theory
These are theoretical concepts regarding the practical application of electronically created music, the organization of Intelligence, the nature of frequency, and the cosmological significance of resonance within Base Reality.

Frequency And Resonance
The vibration of all matter and existence is interconnected. The vibrations of this Universe are never ending and their cycles, or frequencies, generate resonant harmonics throughout creation. Like a standing waveform, at these resonating points, energy states are raised to a point where organization occurs. We reside at one of these organizational points and its manifestation is what we currently perceive around us.

There are many points in the universe where these resonant frequencies exist. Some exist in much simpler forms while others are incredibly more complex. Where these points occur, organization always leads to Intelligence. As defined by their frequency, some Intelligences are very simple while others exist with greater complexity and at differing resonant points. These Intelligences are bound to the resonance frequency from where they’ve come about until they are acted upon.

It’s possible to observe many aspects of the lower energetic states around us but much more difficult to comprehend the higher states of matter. This is because the higher states of resonance are not only more complex but also much more energetic.

All of these frequencies interact with each other. Our perceptions of these interactions are limited by our present resonance state and the location where we currently reside. However, as we measure and observe these interactions, what may at first look to be chaos can actually be understood to be points of order and Intelligent organization.

Examples of these principles can be seen as we examine matter at the microscopic level, the molecular level, the quantum level. The same observations can be applied outward towards the resonant organization points of the macroscopic world, continuing ever onward with the resonances occurring at cosmological scales.

What we tend to think of as “space” are the areas of less concentrated matter between resonant points and where they have occurred. These are the low energy regions we observe between atoms, inside the cores of nuclei – as well as the areas between stars, galaxies, and the filaments of galactic clusters. These places are not void, but have potential that has yet to be acted upon.

When Intelligence arises, that Intelligence inevitably desires greater organization and a greater perfected state of that organization. The resonance point where the Intelligence resides limits the amount of organization and perfection that can occur within that particular location. Co-operative action and bonded relationships are required for continued interaction and greater perfection.

As an example, at our current resonant point we manipulate this organizational relationship and resulting behavior through chemistry and other sciences. We also construct roads, invent language, and devise methods of measurement. We formulate premise, perform an action, observe the outcome, and then choose to respond based upon the newly created data. Plainly stated, we have Agency to choose what to learn and how and when to learn.

Our very thoughts are a manifestation of this bonded relationship. The firing of neurons in our minds are the spark of creation and initiate the interaction of Intelligence. Even the simple act of creating a dinner recipe can be seen as a manifestation of our Intelligence’s desire to organize towards greater complexity and perfection.

Within each resonance point, there are finer, more detailed harmonic points where Intelligence may become more organized. An appropriate analogy would be the many organized states a carbon atom may take, including the more perfected crystalline structure of diamond.

Notice that within the resonance point, a carbon atom may co-exist with other carbon atoms at differing complexities of organization, but not at the differing levels these organizational states at one time; the carbon atom doesn’t exist organized as both coal and diamond, it is one or the other.

The question arises, “Does the carbon atom know it resides within a piece a coal and not a diamond”? The carbon atom inherently knows that it is not diamond – when it becomes such, it continues the desire for organization and desires methods and opportunity to gain greater perfection.

This also leads to the point of cooperation between Intelligence for the shared objective desire to achieve greater organization and perfection; the greater systems of organization in which Intelligence chooses to take part.

Take for example a grain of sand – a simple particle of a more complex system that is a beach, on the shores of a ocean, formed on an Earth, part of solar system, residing within a galaxy, and so forth. What is the difference between the carbon atom residing within the grain of sand and the carbon atom residing within a burning star? None, it would simply be part of different organizational systems of equal universal importance.

These are instances of Intelligence taking part in a larger co-operative systems of organization, all with the common goal of greater perfection. It is these entire systems of co-operation that in turn become perfected together, and all participants are then raised as a whole. Furthermore, it’s the co-operation of these larger and more fully perfected systems that allow for higher levels of organization that would not otherwise be possible individually.

Consider a single human cell working in collaboration with others to form bodily organs, that together create a greater more organized system that we know as a thinking human being. This co-operation allows for levels of organization that no single system could achieve on its own. These types of systems and their ever growing diversity and complexity take place within the regions of all resonance points.

Taking into account the existence of Intelligences at other lower and higher frequency resonant points other than the one in which we reside, it is best to refer to this, our current resonant point, as Base Reality.

Remember, this particular resonant point is bound to its own specific rules and laws, and to its own possible organizational degrees. Its nature is essentially the “base of possibilities” achievable at this specific resonant point. Resonant points found amongst other possible realities have differing, yet just as binding, rules and laws regarding organization and the capacity for perfection.

In our current state, we attempt to describe the laws and systems of Base Reality by building intellectual constructs of measurements such as; time, distance, and dimension.

It’s imperative to understand that these are methods of description we’ve invented for this particular resonant point. They aren’t entirely incorrect, but can only be as descriptive as an observer’s current state of understanding.

But take note once again, the types of organization and opportunities for perfection are limited and constrained by the resonance point where the Intelligence resides. The defined rules and laws of that specific resonant point bind Intelligence from gaining perfection beyond a specific state and an act of external intervention is required if that Intelligence is to continue onward.


Elemental Meta States

First State
To experience first state organization directly would be to view every possible sub-atomic action that could happen, can happen, or will ever happen. It’s as if the entirety of creation could be viewed from afar, an outside perspective where all interactions and events are occurring simultaneously. Within this turmoil, you would observe a bound duality of chaotic order – a recursive and regenerative pattern.
The consequence of this observation would be to understand that all things are connected. Without dimension, time, or space, it is observed that all things are inextricably tied together, intertwined and occurring all at once.  Every event that will happen, has happened, and will always happen.

Second State
Most observable reality occurs from the point of view of Second State. Patterns appear to emerge after certain lengths of time when observing what might superficially be considered randomness. Some experience these patterns as intuition, luck, or even pre-cognition.  Our observation and the recognition of patterns cause higher states of organization to manifest, as well as the transference of Intelligence to occur. With every action, observation, or contact, an exchange between Intelligence must occur.

Observation is interpreted and recognized through a filter of the beholder’s experience and in that moment it becomes a substantive reality. But, it must be noted that no two observers would interpret the same patterns in identical ways. This is due to the beholder’s “point of view” and the relative nature of an observer’s own experiences. Interaction with Intelligence and the resulting experience remains unique to each individual observer.

Third State
Third State observations are localized and essentially concern our five primary senses. Three-dimensional “height-width-depth” spaces can only experienced locally. Spheres of influence and methods of action are severely restricted by the nature of our current physiology; it constrains tacit exchanges and stifles many direct interactions with other elemental states.

As measuring devices become more precise, our direct observation inherently skews that which is being experienced. This isn’t limited to mechanical devices used for measurement.  As Second State observation occurs, Intelligence will at times appear to change behavior. This is not random change, but a direct interaction with Intelligence. Identical interactions cannot be reproduced or duplicated exactly by another observer. Each moment and interaction creates and forms unique experience.

Fourth State
Movement and the perception of time is also localized and based upon action within lower meta states.  Localized time is perceived differently depending upon the perceived distance of measurement.  Movement causes measurements to become relative to point of view. For example, an object located in Earth orbit registers a different time passage of time compared to the measurements made at ground level.

Furthermore, a person standing on Earth is in constant lateral motion. As the person stands in one place, the Earth spins at thousands of miles-per-hour around it’s axis while in solar orbit around the Sun. That star revolves around our galactic center at an even quicker pace while residing within or local galactic cluster and amongst an ever expanding universe.

For this reason, no two measurements, regardless of the observers point of view can be identical. Every moment and instance of this Universe is unique. Time and space becomes non repeatable, without end, without measure, and by these means infinitely perfected.

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