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Life Is An Arpeggiated Sequence Life Is An Arpeggiated Sequence

The 21st Century Musician
When the new Millennium arrived, one of the thoughts I had then and continue to have is the question of how music is going to change in this new century. Production technique and styles are always evolving, so it’s very exciting to daydream about what the future holds for Electronic Music.

Curiosity has led me towards a more philosophical question. What does it mean to be a Musician in this modern age – and specifically, an Electronic Musician? I’m still asking this question and attempting to discover how the answers apply to my life. Here’s some of what I’ve figured out so far.

As I’ve explored the philosophical concepts of becoming a 21st Century Musician, I’ve written down some simple statements to help me remember the premise. Not only have these ideas served as basic guidelines, but they’ve also helped me to identify certain traits in others – behaviors easily recognized in those who I’d consider to be fellow 21st Century Musicians.  More »

Music Theory
Theoretical concepts regarding the practical application of electronically created music, the organization of Intelligence, the nature of frequency, and the cosmological significance of resonance within Base Reality.  More »

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