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The Easy Color Code Labeling Guide
One of the most valuable lessons I learned working in audio reinforcement and as a Roadie, is the importance of using a standardized color coding system for all of your equipment and in the studio. These easy color coding steps will save you hours of troubleshooting headaches later on and will ultimately simplify your life – I guarantee it. Strategy Guide Coming »

The Marvelously Useful VELCRO Brand One-Wrap
It’s the basic things that often get overlooked. One of the areas typically left unaddressed is cable management. Tangled cables end up becoming damaged cables, and believe me that’s a big bag of trouble that’ll open up when you least expect it. Besides organization benefits, VELCRO has a few other nifty uses, especially for the Table Top Electronic Musician. Strategy Guide Coming »

Map Out Your Instrument Connections With Google Drawings
The connections in your studio can get crazy complex in a short amount of time. If you’re like me, you probably disconnect gear and reconnect it again in several different configurations on a regular basis. Streamline the process by making a printable wiring diagram of your connections using the free Google Drawings application. Strategy Guide Coming »

You Need a Digital Press Kit (DPK)
It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you’re a Musician. Sooner or later someone will ask if they can check out your work. Be prepared, and have something ready to give out or somewhere to point them. A little preparation can spawn a lot of opportunity. Strategy Guide Coming »

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