Laboratory – Fabrication

Laboratory - FabricationFabrication

All of the following builds and fabrications are in various states of completion. I’m attempting to document them well enough for just about anyone with a basic electronics understanding to follow. If you’re interested in a specific project, or interested in collaborating with me on a build, leave a message in the comments.

Bleep Labs Pico Paso Mini Synthesizer Build
This project is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning how to build their own synthesizers. The Bleep Labs Pico Paso is more of a “noise maker” than a synth, but it’s a good example of how to add simple and expressive gear to your rack on a budget. Build Notes Page »

Gakken SX-150 MKII MIDI-IN Mod
It can be annoying sometimes having such an interesting synthesizer like the Gakken SX-150 MKII in my rack when it’s not MIDI capable. My solution is to break out the soldering iron and graft on a MIDI IN jack using the MIDI-IF circuit board kit put together by Build Notes Page »

FLuXo Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer Build
This is an ongoing project of mine to create an inexpensive stand-alone synthesizer utilizing wavetable synthesis. I’ll be building on the Modern Device Fluxamasynth Arduino Shield as a foundation. My version of this synth (I’ve dubbed it “FLuXo”) will have serial 5-pin DIN MIDI-IN and MIDI-THRU connectors and several physical controls – maybe even an LCD screen. Build Notes Page »

Arduino Granular Lo-fi Synthesizer Lab
The Arduino development platform is an ideal playground for electronic music DIY projects and general electronics fun. The “Auduino” is an Arduino based lo-fi granular synthesis project by Peter Knight at Tinkerit . The project is ideal for experimentation and could easily be the foundation for building your own custom synthesizer. Build Notes Page »

Arduino 4-Voice Wavetable Synthesizer Lab
With just a few parts and a little bit of code written by DZL from GeekPhysical, it’s possible to turn the Arduino into a simple wavetable synthesizer.  It’s worth the effort to put this together if only to capture a few interesting samples. If the sounds prove to be interesting enough, I’ll add some physical controls and hook up a MIDI-IN extension and see what happens. Build Notes Page »

MIDI-IN and MIDI-THRU Breakout Board For Arduino
The Arduino doesn’t have serial MIDI 5-pin connections, so I’m making a prototype breakout board to use with my various MIDI-based experiments. The circuits are modern, exceed the original MIDI specification design and are safe to use with other MIDI based projects. Build Notes Page »

The Korg Volca Series of synthesizers lack a MIDI-OUT connector, even though contact points exist on their circuit boards for making this type of connection. This isn’t really a modification so much as a “hook-up.” I’ll be adding a prototype buffered MIDI-THRU circuit using a Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger to see what happens.

This project is essentially the same as the one conducted upon the Korg Volca Keys. Both MIDI-OUT and buffered MIDI-THRU connectors have been added.

Groovesizer RED Synthesizer Build
Join me in a DIY synthesizer build from Since this is a DIY kit, the project is mostly soldering and testing. The RED is based upon the original Groovesizer mk1 Arduino project using Granular Synthesis and features a programable 16-step sequencer. Build Notes Page »

Groovesizer TB2 Synthesizer Build
Here’s another DIY synthesizer build kit from This synth is a 4-voice paraphonic wavetable synthesis shield for the Arduino Due development board. It’s fully programmable, featuring 2 oscillators per voice, an ADSR envelope, LFO, digital filter,  arpeggiator, as well as a 16-step sequencer. Build Notes Page »

Lowpass Filter Build
I came across an excellent lowpass filter design by Pete McBennett and decided it would be lot’s a fun to experiment with it.

Arduino Xylophone MIDI Controller Build
I’m a Percussionist. It makes sense to have some sort of percussion MIDI input device available for my rack. Instead of buying something ready-made, I’ll be building a xylophone MIDI trigger with the Arduino prototyping platform.

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