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Creating A Mac OSX Aggregate Audio Device
If you are trying to use multiple Audio Interfaces in Mac OS within your DAW, you may be running into problems making use of those additional audio inputs. Using the built-in OSX Audio Devices panel you can route all of your audio inputs and outputs into one aggregate audio device without the use of third party software. Instructions Coming »

Using Bitwig Studio For CV/Gate Output And Editing
Control Voltage and Gate signals can essentially be thought of as audio signals. Those signals can be recorded and manipulated in many ways using your DAW. Using a simple instrument sampler setup and clip trigger system you can create custom sequences and clock timing. Instructions Coming »

Integrating Korg Volca Synths With Bitwig Studio
The Korg Volca Synthesizers have a fantastic amount of stand-alone capability. Adding MIDI to the situation is simple enough, but maintaining parameter states and automation from within your DAW isn’t as obvious. Instructions Coming »

Using The MeBlip Anode For Live DAW Performance
There’s a common issue with using manually adjusted synthesizers for live performance – remembering what knobs to twist between each song, and finding the opportunity to get it done. You can “man-up” like Howard Jones and just do it, or use your DAW to set the CC parameters on the MeBlip Anode between each song. Instructions Coming »

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