Musical Implements And DevicesMusical Implements And Devices

Rack Inventory
The following instruments and gear are included in My Rack. Everything must fit into a standard suitcase for portability, be flexible enough to accommodate multiple performance configurations and require no additional studio space to create quality recordings. The inventory list with prices can be found below the fold.

Bitwig Studio
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
Arturia Mini V
Arturia Analog Lab

Arturia Keylab 25
Arturia Beatstep
Arturia SparkLE
Novation Launchpad Mini
Nektar LX49 (replaced)
Novation LaunchKey 49

Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Bass
MeeBlip Anode
Gakken SX-150 Mark II
Korg Beatboy

Mackie ProFX8 Mixer‎
Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp
Behringer MICROMIX MX400
Behringer XM8500 Microphone

Update 7/9/15 – Two additions I’ve made since 5/1/15:
I couldn’t pass up a good (and inexpensive) opportunity to improve the sound quality of My Rack by adding a $79.00 US four channel audio compressor. I picked up a used Behringer Multicom MDX4600 to help tame the signals coming out of the table top synths and other DIY home-made gear before they get to the mixing board.

The other small addition to My Rack is a Danelectro D-3 distortion pedal purchased for $14.99 US. I find it funny that one addition is intended to clean up signals and the other is intended to intentionally dirty them up.

The following list includes additional gear such as instrument cases and the actual prices I originally paid for the items. You’ll notice that as much as I tried, I still went .15 cents over budget.

Arturia KeyLab 25 Bitwig Producer Pack349.00
Arturia SparkLE169.00
Arturia BeatStep99.00
Novation Launchpad Mini99.99
Nektar Impact LX49 MIDI Controller Keyboard159.99
Korg Volca Bass Analog Synthesizer159.99
Korg Volca Keys Analog Synthesizer159.99
MeeBlip Anode Analog Synthesizer139.95
Gakken SX-150 MARK II Analog Synthesizer21.80
Korg Beatboy39.63
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Upgrade229.00
Mackie ProFX8 8-Channel Mixer179.99
Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp149.99
Pyle-Pro PHA40 Headphone Amplifier15.62
Behringer MICROMIX MX40024.99
Behringer XM8500 Microphone19.99
KV-Gear Volca x3 Power Supply32.00
Timbuk2 Messenger Bag83.30
TopCase Zipper Sleeve Bag Cover Cases51.96
Gator Economy Keyboard Gig Bag 4934.99
Gator GK Keyboard Gig Bag Micro39.99
SKB Universal Equipment/Mixer Bag39.99


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