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Meta Micro EPK

Meta Micro Electronic Press Kit

Meta Micro (Troy Lange) is an electronic musician located in Reno, NV on a quest to discover what it means to be an Electronic Musician in the 21’st Century. He explores these philosophical concepts through electronic music production and the creation of home-made electronic instruments.

The Meta Micro musical aesthetic is characterized by synthesizer based instrumental songs propelled by catchy Synthpop melodies and a sophisticated New Wave inspired style.

The music has been described by fans as “synth music for syntheads” due to its distinctive “synthy” sound and its “human feel”.

Lange’s music career spans across twenty years of synthesizer based electronic music composition, beginning in 1996 with the Provo, Utah based industrial-dance band Cannibal Buffet.

These beginnings were followed by continued music production including works created for internet and software projects, award winning artist remixes, and the creation of experimental electronic music instruments.

Since then, Troy Lange has founded the Indie Electronic Musician Collective (IEMC), a group of musicians inspired by an Ubuntu-styled approach to collaborative work and music promotion. He also maintains the electronic music projects and review website MetaMicroLabs.com.

Currently, Troy Lange is completing the Meta Micro “Love Tails Lost Ep” set for release in the Spring of 2017¬†and continues to host the IEMC Radio Show for an expanding worldwide audience.

Ongoing Meta Micro works can be found on SoundCloud and the MetaMicroLabs.com website. At present, Troy Lange continues his electronic music exploration and invites others to join the adventure. This is his Dream of the Singing Machines.

Troy Lange

MetaMicroLabs.com – Official Artist Website
Soundcloud – Audio Channel
YouTube – Video Channel
IEMC Radio Show

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Meta Micro Logo EPK - Masked Focus Light - 2000x2000

Genotype EPK - 2400x1438

Foresquare Cured EPK - 2400x1600

The Process - 2400x1600

Shadow Knows EPK - 2400x1600

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