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hdot – Fusion Core (Meta Micro Mix)
The first release of 2017 is wonderful remix I’ve had the opportunity to do for the artist hdot (aka Hugh Reid) called ‘Fusion Core’.

Necatuss – The Puppet Maker (Smokey Eye Mix – Meta Micro)
I decided to attempt an electro-industrial remix because I sometimes get nostalgic for that sound. The mix ended up being more difficult than I’d expected.

Meta Micro – Vashra (Lucid Mix)

This song was built around an arpeggiator groove that I sampled from an Akai Timber Wolf used in a Facebook jam session.

MotorHome Music – Break Me Off (Meta Micro Mix)

Here’s the completed remix of MotorHome Music’s (MHM) single ‘Break Me Off’. It was an interesting challenge. I like how far away from the original song the mix became, while underneath the original elements of the song clearly remain.

Meta Micro – Genotype – Video Mix
The idea for Genotype came along while I was thinking about genetic inheritance and gene activation through self-awareness.

Meta Micro – Allele (demo)
This song is written around the u-he Tyrell N6 VST instrument. I specifically like the dynamic and texture variations you can achieve with this synth as the waveform evolves and grows.

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