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Bitwig Studio 2 Release Announcement!

This morning I was wonderfully surprised by the release announcement for Bitwig 2.0, scheduled to drop February 28th, 2017. It might as well be a belated Valentine’s present for me – I’m not at all shy about admitting my love affair with Bitwig Studio. Most of the issues I’ve had with the DAW have been addressed in this new […]Read More

Echo String – Music Improvisation

I needed to test a new reverb setup and the Zoom MS-100BT effects pedal, so I went ahead and pressed the record button. This is an improvisational take I made to have real-world data to test against some various reverb settings. I know that doesn’t sound inspired, but I like what turned out. The song […]Read More

MMLabs Review – MIDIBOX 4×4

If you’re working with MIDI hardware, eventually you’ll need a way to connect all your instruments together. The Intelligent Mate MIDIBOX 4×4 is a MIDI interface offering flexible signal routings and dependable connections to keep your music productions moving forward. What I really appreciate about this gear, is not only does it have 4 MIDI […]Read More

MMLabs Review – Korg Beatboy

Meet the Korg Beatboy, the pocket drum machine pretending to be a guitar tuner. It may be a guitar practice tool for some, but on an Electronic Musician’s table top, it’s capable of a lot more. I get elated when I come across well-designed gear – you know, the kind of equipment that obviously had […]Read More

MMLabs Review – Gakken SX-150 MII

The Gakken SX-150 MII is a fun and inexpensive analog synthesizer that’s great for learning the basics of synth sound creation and for adding some quirky noises to your musical productions. It may look like a toy, and it kind of feels like one, but it’s got some big-boy sound and plenty of character. For […]Read More