Fusion Core – Music Video

The first release of 2017 is wonderful remix I’ve had the opportunity to do for the artist hdot (aka Hugh Reid) called ‘Fusion Core’. The mix could have gone several directions, but I went with a catchy pop-song structure.

This time around I was lucky enough to get several track stems of the original mix. I’m not sure if this really made the production process any smoother compared my other remix methods, but it was nice.

I added fewer of my own instruments to this mix than I typically do. It takes a lot of extra EQ effort and time to make space in the original mix when you’re adding things. Hugh’s instruments were all recorded well and the tracks didn’t need any additional padding or rounding out – lucky for me, they sounded great straight away.

This remix was part of a contest to promote Hugh Reid’s new hdot album. While I do like remixing for the sake of honing my production skills, a personal goal going into 2017 is to ‘get paid’ more often for the work I’m doing in one way or another.

I’m very excited to have been informed that I’ve won some synth gear as part of this remix contest. It’s an encouraging start to a new year!

>> hdot – Fusion Core (Meta Micro Mix) – Audio
>> hdot – Fusion Core (Meta Micro Mix) – Music Video

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