What’s Up & Getting Down

What's Up and What's Going Down2016 has been a busy year of creativity and personal development. The website went semi-unattended for a few stretches as I slid off the radar. I’ve got a goal this year to push beyond that productivity while also keeping up with my writing.

Up until September, I was completely heads-down working on the ‘Love Tales Lost EP’. After getting caught up in a perpetual round of final mixes, I decided to give that project a temporary rest.

The project’s mixes were getting better every session, but I began hitting the limits of my own personal capabilities while not achieving the results I was looking for. The only solution I know for that kind of problem is to re-focus and to start practicing.

That practice went the route of producing a hand full of song remixes – a few of which I’ve already released. Each song remix has helped me hone my production skills in some way. Working with other artists has also helped me identify the rough spots in my own work.

Two years ago, I was adamant about avoiding this part of the music making process. Namely, I don’t have much interest in the mixing/mastering steps of music production. I realize now there’s no good option for handing off those duties – there simply isn’t anybody else!

I spent a significant amount of time last year learning my gear inside out. The training focused primarily on squeezing as much potential from the gear as possible. With nearly zero budget, it’s been critical to leverage the best out of the tools I’ve already got in the shed.

The positive outcome of all of this practice is that my newer compositions are tighter and cleaner than they were a year ago. More thought has gone into production technique up-front, instead of entertaining the idea that I’ll fix thingsĀ later on in the process.

My longstanding goal has been to get more music completed and to get more of it shared. An additional goal this year is to receive some sort of compensation for the work I’m doing.

The new business plan requires branching out a little professionally. I’m going to try a few experiments this year to diversify myself. Those plans include exploring alternate means of generating music business income.

Here goes 2017! I’m looking forward to some exciting times, to unexpected adventures, and to new friends!

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