MMLabs Review – Korg Beatboy

Meet the Korg Beatboy, the pocket drum machine pretending to be a guitar tuner. It may be a guitar practice tool for some, but on an Electronic Musician’s table top, it’s capable of a lot more.

I get elated when I come across well-designed gear – you know, the kind of equipment that obviously had a musician involved during its creation process. The Korg Beatboy was definitely designed from a guitarist’s wish list for a practice tool that’s flexible, has plenty of functionality, and is easy on the pocket book.

I’m using mine as a makeshift rhythm machine for a few table-top synth setups. It also serves as an easy way to capture and record arpeggiated sequences and other samples created on some of my other gear.  I transfer those recordings out of the USB connection to my DAW for further processing later on.

The video focuses mainly on the Korg Beatboy’s drum pattern features. For the price, it’s certainly worth a look to see if you might have a place in your setup for this useful device.

My price: $39.63 US


It's a no brainer at around $40 US - especially if you're an Electronic Musician that also plays guitar.
It can be a: tuner, metronome, distortion unit, drum machine, mono recorder, and a loop playback device.
It's rugged and small enough to fit into your pocket, is fairly loud playing through it's speaker, and has a reasonable battery life.
It has a USB port to transfer your practice songs, demo ideas, or field recordings out of the device.

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