It’s Recorded – What Comes Next?

Have you finished a few tracks and now trying to figure out what comes next? I’ve put together a list of seven questions to help musicians build a marketing plan and to get you moving in the right direction. The questionnaire I’ve created is a general inventory check of your current music business plan. Answer […] read more

Bitwig Studio 2 Release Announcement!

This morning I was wonderfully surprised by the release announcement for Bitwig 2.0, scheduled to drop February 28th, 2017. It might as well be a belated Valentine’s present for me – I’m not at all shy about admitting my love affair with Bitwig Studio. Most of the issues I’ve had with the DAW have been addressed in this new […] read more

Giving It Away For Free?

I’ve had to do some deep soul-searching about the idea of giving away my hard work for free. I consider myself a professional musician. Part of taking on that job title is making sure that I’m compensated for the work I do – just like any other profession. Throwing around my work without focus in […] read more

Fusion Core – Music Video

The first release of 2017 is wonderful remix I’ve had the opportunity to do for the artist hdot (aka Hugh Reid) called ‘Fusion Core’. The mix could have gone several directions, but I went with a catchy pop-song structure. This time around I was lucky enough to get several track stems of the original mix. […] read more

What’s Up & Getting Down

2016 has been a busy year of creativity and personal development. The website went semi-unattended for a few stretches as I slid off the radar. I’ve got a goal this year to push beyond that productivity while also keeping up with my writing. Up until September, I was completely heads-down working on the ‘Love Tales […] read more